Sophomore English

저자 : 국제어학원

판형 : A4 면수 : 244 쪽

발행년월일 : 1997-01-10

ISBN : 89-7641-307-5


가격 : 10,000

1학년 영어과정을 마친 2학년 학생들의 교양영어학습에 도움을 주기 위해서 엮어진 본 교재는 1학년 영어교재와 동일하게 편집 구성된 것으로 1학년 영어에서 한 단계 높아진 세분화한, 깊이있는 영어교재라 할 수 있으며 본문내용은 총 35과로 되어있다.

1 In Selfish Pursuit : The Road to Happiness Is Often Paved with Guilt
2 Unveiling an Egyptian Glory
3 The Subject Matter of Philosophy
4 Pessimism and Optimism
5 The Androgynous Man
6 If Black English Isn”t a Language, Then Tell Me, What Is?
7 The Maker”s Eye : Revising Your Own Manuscripts
8 Poetry and Power
9 To Have or to be
10 Will We Do It?
11 The Source of Ideology
12 Egalitarian Relationships : The Sex-Role Revolution Begins at Home
13 What Is an American?
14 Modern Constitutions
15 John Maynard Keynes
16 Women and Economic Development
17 Financial Legends
18 What Pop Lyrics Say To Us Today
19 The Plug-In Drug : TV And The American Family
20 Is Science Useful?
21 How Are Scientific Discoveries Made?
22 The Sunshine Vitamin
23 Skills and Pills
24 The Healing Power of Belief
25 Artificial Intelligence
26 Down With The God Squad
27 The Computer And The Poet
28 Once More To The Lake
29 The Value Of Poetry
30 Laura
31 The Jewelry
32 The Lottery
33 Dead Men”s Path
34 A Rose For Emily
35 Harrison Bergeron

저자 : 국제어학원

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