Essentials Of Korean Culture

저자 : 손호민, 전상이 엮음

판형 : 신국판(양장) 면수 : 464 쪽

발행년월일 : 2014-11-03

ISBN : 978-89-7641-863-0 93900


가격 : 29000

This book is written in English with two main goals in mind : content learning and language improvement. That is, the first goal is to provide students with a systematic knowledge of the fundamental aspects of Korean studies. The second goal is to help students achieve a professional (superior) level of proficiency in Korean language and culture through content based instruction. This book will be of great use not only to Korean language learners all over the world but also to general Korean native speakers who would like to have a comprehensive knowledge of how Korea has evolved through ups and downs from the time immemorial to the present, how Korean tradition, arts, language, and literature have grown and developed, and what contemporary Korean social, cultural, and economic lives are like.


1. History I: Prehistory to Unified Silla • Ho-min Sohn

2. History II: Koryŏ Dynasty • Ho-min Sohn

3. History III: Chosŏn Dynasty to 1945 • Dong-Kwan Kong

4. History IV: Post-1945 Korea • Hee-Jeong Jeong

5. Religion and Philosophy • Bumyong Choi

6. Education System • Sumi Chang

7. Language • Ho-min Sohn

8. Literature • Inbum Kang

9. Politics and Government • Hyeonju Son

10. Economy • Sunwoo Lee

11. Society • Yeonhee Yoon

12. Family and Gender • Sang Yee Cheon

13. Visual Arts • Eunho Kim

14. Performing Arts • Sang Yee Cheon

15. Science and Technology • Jongwoo Park

16. Food and Sports • Da-jung Son

17. Hallyu • Seung Yeun Oh

저자 : 손호민, 전상이 엮음

강인범 Inbum Kang 고려대학교 국어국문학과 박사과정을 수료했고, 동 대학교 한국어문화교육센터 연구강의 전임강사로 재직하면서 한국어플래그십 현지 프로그램을 책임지고 있다. 한국 고전문학 외에 한국어 교육에서 문학 자료 활용 방안과 문화 교육 방안에 대해 연구하고 있다. Inbum Kang is an ABD in Korean Literature at Korea University and is now a fulltime instructor at the Korean Language and Culture Center of Korea University. His research interest is in Korean traditional literature, use of literary materials f... more

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