Essentials of Korean Culture


by Ho-min Sohn,  Sang Yee Cheon
Publication Date: November, 2014
ISBN-13: 978-89-7641- 863-0
Hardcover: 464 pages 
price : US$ 95.00 
Language: English
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This book is written in English with two main goals in mind : content learning and language improvement. That is, the first goal is to provide students with a systematic knowledge of the fundamental aspects of Korean studies. The second goal is to help students achieve a professional (superior) level of proficiency in Korean language and culture through content based instruction. This book will be of great use not only to Korean language learners all over the world but also to general Korean native speakers who would like to have a comprehensive knowledge of how Korea has evolved through ups and downs from the time immemorial to the present, how Korean tradition, arts, language, and literature have grown and developed, and what contemporary Korean social, cultural, and economic lives are like.