IT and the Shaping of New Social Order


by Mun Cho Kim
Publication Date: Jul 2019
ISBN-13: 978-89-7641-829-6
Hardcover: 204 pages
Language: English

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This book seeks to examine IT-driven social transformation over the past four decades and gain the insight into the future prospect of “Digital Society.” It adapts SST(Social Studies of Technology) framework that presupposes the reciprocal interface between technology and society.
Information society has brought out various spectacular technological and social innovations. Breakthroughs in information processing, storage and transmission have led to the application of IT in all corners of society. We tend to experience social upheaval of such magnitude as to declare that we
are entering a new civilization stage. Especially, the convergence of information and communication technologies and the inflow of artificial intelligence amplify the magnitude and scope of social transformation and urges us to develop more extensive and sophisticated perspective for identifying ‘the new.’
Numerous research has explored the consequences of digital revolution. Nevertheless, they are predominantly biased towards utopian technological determinism, failing to grasp the core of complex dynamics. We need to investigate the inter-systemic mechanisms that arise from the interactions between technology and society


about author

Mun Cho Kim
Emeritus professor of sociology at Korea University. He has written extensively, on work and occupations, information society, science and technology, culture and social theory. He served as president of Korean Sociological Association, Korean Association of Science and Technology Studies, Korean Society of Social Theory, and Korean Association of East Asian Sociology. Currently he is appointed as chair professor of Kangwon National University.