Rise of Korean Language Programs in U.S. Institute of Higher Education :A Narrative History


Edited by Hey-Sook Wang
Publication Date: Dec 2015
ISBN-13:  978-89-7641-883-8
Hardcover: 412 pages
Language: English

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Through the stories presented in this book, we learn that Korean language (and Korean studies) programs in American higher institutions have gone through significant transformations in the past several decades. Much has been accomplished in terms of not only quantity but also quality, in spite of a wide array of challenges, both pedagogical and non-pedagogical alike. Korea’s strong economy and improved global image, generous and strategic funding support from Korean government agencies, and the recent “Hallyu” wave have all worked favorably for the development of Korean programs. At the same time, enthusiastic support of many students, dedication of faculty in the Korean programs, vision of school administrators, and emphasis on foreign language education by the American government were other factors that contributed to the current state of Korean programs today.


about author

Hye-Sook Wang : Brown University
Sang-suk Oh : Harvard University
Hyo Sang Lee : Indiana University
Danielle Ooyoung Pyun : Ohio State University
Joowon Suh : Princeton University
Young-mee Yu Cho : Rutgers University
Hee-Sun Kim : Stanford University
Sungdai Cho : State University of New York at Binghamton (Binghamton University)
Ho-min Sohn : University of Hawaii at Manoa
Kijoo Ko : The University of California, Berkeley
Sung-Ock Sohn : The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
Jeyseon Lee : The University of California, San Diego
Hi-Sun Kim : The University of Chicago
Hangtae Cho : The University of Minnesota
Haewon Cho : The University of Pennsylvania
Soohee Kim : The University of Washington
Seungja K. Choi : Yale University
Sahie Kang : Defense Language Institute