Transcultural Fandom and the Globalization of Hallyu


Edited by Gil-Sung Park, Nissim Otmazgin, Keith Howard
Publication Date: Nov 2019
ISBN-13: 979-11-90205-14-6
Hardcover: 264 pages
Language: English

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It is of note that many of the available studies of Hallyu take an ethnographic and interpretive approach and show a strong tendency to prioritize analysis of the textual content and images used in Hallyu. But there is a need to take more notice of the networks of production and dissemination, which are responsible for making Hallyu products available to fans. Indeed, understanding Hallyu networks potentially challenges long dominant Euro-American-centric accounts of production and consumption. Hence, this book is part of the attempt to build a comprehensive and interdisciplinary identity for Hallyu studies. It provides an updated account of Hallyu’s traffic and acceptance in countries outside Korea’s immediate neighbors, and references some of Hallyu’s recent developments, notably its alignments with new media fields and with the growth of Korea’s interest in cultural diplomacy.


about author

Gil-Sung Park is Professor in the Department of Sociology at Korea University, where he was also Provost and Dean of the Graduate School. He served Founding Chairman and President of the World Association for Hallyu Studies during 2013–2017. He has authored or edited numerous books on globalization, economic sociology, social conflict, business ethics, and political economy.

Nissim Otmazgin is Professor in the Department of Asian Studies and currently the Director of the Institute for Asian and African Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His work centers on contemporary media production and dissemination and he is the author/co-editor of 6 books and over 25 academic articles on media industry, media policy, and cultural diplomacy in South Korea and Japan.

Keith Howard is Professor Emeritus and Leverhulme Emeritus Fellow at SOAS, University of London. He has written or edited 20 books, 170 academic articles and 195 book/music reviews. He was editorial chair for the SOAS Musicology Series (Ashgate/Routledge) for nine years (2008–2017), and founded and managed the SOASIS CD and DVD series as well as Open Air Radio.