Mongering North Korean Democracy for Inter-Korean Peace :Democratization in North Korea and Inter-Korean Peace

저자 : 임혁백Hyug Baeg Im, 구재회Jae H. Ku

판형 : 신국판(양장) 면수 : 176 쪽

발행년월일 : 2015-08-25

ISBN : 978-89-7641-886-9 93340


가격 : 18000

We have written this book on the possibility of inter-Korean peace through North Korean democratization in a milieu of both pessimism and wishful thinking regarding the future of the North Korean dictatorial regime. This book will not be calculating and predicting the probability of North Korean regime collapse or survival. Rather this book plans to examine vague, unsorted, and undigested hopes for democracy in North Korea and inter-Korean peace and from them find possibilities that may be realized in the near future.


Chapter 1 Introduction: Mongering Democracy for Peace in North Korea from Impossible Conditions

Chapter 2 Exceptional Durability and Survivability of North Korean Dictatorship
The Collapsism of North Korea: Myth and Reality Factors Contributing to Exceptional Durability and Survivability of North Korean Dictatorship

Chapter 3 Institutionalizing Dictatorship in North Korea
Kim Il Sung: Institutionalization of Party Control over the Military
Kim Jong Il: Privatized Military Organization out of Party Control
Kim Jong Un: Mixed System of Totalitarianism and Neo- patrimonialism
The Implications of the Mixture of Totalitarianism and Patrimonialism for the Durability of North Korean Dictatorship

Chapter 4 Democracy for Peace
Inter-Korean Peace before Reunification
Democracy for Peace
Why Has Non-Democratic North Korea Impeded Inter-Korean Peace?

Chapter 5 Mongering Democracy from Neo-Patrimonial Socialist Dictatorship in North Korea 1: Failed Exogenous Democratization
Choices and Echoes of Exogenous Democratizations in North Korea
Immunity from Contagion: North Korea Has Been Immune from Contagious Wave of Democratization
Failed Control: Sanctions and Forced Regime Change Did not Bring Liberal Democracy in North Korea
Inter-Korean Consent from Below Did not Happen: Non-Spill Over from Sunshine Policy
Lee Myung Bak’s Conditinality that Had Never Worked

Chapter 6 Mongering Democracy from Neo-Patrimonial Socialist Dictatorship in North Korea 2: Crafting Endogenous Democratization
Strategic Choice for Endogenous Democratization: “The Strength to Concede”
Can North Korea Be a Candidate for “Conceding to Thrive”?
The “Strength to Concede” in North Korea
North Korean “Bittersweet Spot” to Concede
“Conceding to Thrive” for North Korean Leader and Ruling Elites

Chapter 7 A Proposal for Democratization in North Korea
Marketization, Liberalization, and Pluralization
Electoral Supporters Groups
Conceding to Democracy

Chapter 8 Eclectic Approaches to Inter-Korean Peace Building
The Virtues of Eclecticism in Building Inter-Korean Peace
Why Does New Democracy in North Korea Promote Inter-Korean Peace Building?
Functionalism: “Buying Peace”
Inter-governmentalism: Institutionalizing Inter-Korean Peace System
Realism: Sustaining Peace by Resolving Security Dilemmas of Two Koreas
Constructivism: Rebuilding Korean National Identity

Chapter 9 East Asian Regional Security Community as the Guarantor of Inter-Korean Peace
Entrapment of U.S. in East Asian Security Community
USFK as Peacekeeping Force in East Asia
Taming Rampant Nationalism

About Authors
Hyug Baeg Im 175
Jae H. Ku

저자 : 임혁백Hyug Baeg Im

서울대학교 정치학과 졸업 미국 시카고대학교 정치학 석사 및 박사 미국 조지타운대학, 듀크대학, 스탠퍼드대학 초빙교수 미국 민주주의재단(National Endowment for Democracy) 초빙연구원 이화여자대학교 정치외교학과 교수 현재 고려대학교 정치외교학과 교수, 정책대학원 원장 평화와 민주주의 연구소 소장 BK21 한국정치학의 세계화 교육·연구단 단장 세계정치학회(IPSA) 집행위원 저서 《시장, 국가, 민주주의―한국민주화와 정치경제이론》 《세계화 시대의 민주주의―현상 이론 성찰》 《신유목적 민주주의》 Consolidating Democracy in South Korea(공저) Religious Organizations and Democratization: Case S... more

저자 : 구재회Jae H. Ku

Jae H. Ku, the co-author, is the Director of the US-Korea Institute at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies. Before joining the US-Korea Institute, he was the Director of Human Rights in North Korea Project at Freedom House. He has taught at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies, Brown University, and Yonsei University (Seoul, Korea)... more

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