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저자 : 고려대학교 영문학과 교수실

판형 : 크라운판 면수 : 256 쪽

발행년월일 : 1977-03-30

ISBN : 89-7641-026-2


가격 : 65006500

국제관계와 인간사회의 여러 중요문제에 관하여 학생들에게 산 지식과 통찰력 있는 견해를 제시하는 한편, 그런 지식, 그런 견해가 영어로 어떻게 표현되어 있는가를 보여주기 위해 세계적 유명인사들의 thought provoking 한 논설을 수록하였다. 문체면에서나 내용면에서 상당히 높은 수준의 교과서이다.

1 America & the World : Principle & Pragmatism
2 Moral Codes
3 A Universal Man
4 The Myth of the Wicked Politician
5 The Devourers of Genius
6 War
7 War is not the Normal Condition of Man
8 Security through Book Burning
9 Teen-agers Are the Greatest People
10 The Sealed Treasure
11 The Death of Hitler
12 Climates of Opinion
13 Six Clich s in Search of a Woman
14 The University of Utopia
15 The Renewal of the Public Philosophy
16 Reflections on the H-Bomb
17 Americans and Their Cities
18 Keeping Government under Control
19 Presidential vs. Parliamentary Government
20 Stars Where Life Begins
21 Food and Population
22 What generation Gap?
23 The Dilemma of Youth
24 Return from the Soviet Union
25 Plain Talk about Intelligence
26 What Was Killed Was not only the President but the Promise
27 How to Say Nothing in Five Hundred Words
28 Notes of a Native Son
29 The Intellectual in Developing Nations

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