Power of “Any” Management

저자 : Yu – Sang Chang

판형 : 변형신국판 면수 : 224 쪽

발행년월일 : 2005-12-01

ISBN : 89-7641-561-2


가격 : 10,000

This book will provide some highlights of the evolution that is changing the traditional “best” organizations of mass production era to “any” organization of mass customization age. The main emphasis will be on the managerial concepts that are necessary in developing and operating mass customization organizations. In order to be successful, “any” organization needs to retain the economic price and cost possible from mass production. At the same time, customized demand from individual customer needs to be handled at the internet speed and be fulfilled at the off-the-shelf speed of local distribution.

chapter 01
Introduction to Mass Customization

chapter 02
Patterns of Mass Customization

chapter 03
Economics of Mass Customization

chapter 04
Modularization and Mass Customization

chapter 05
Product Configuration in Mass Customization

chapter 06
Flexible Production System

chapter 07
Supply Chain System in Mass Customization

chapter 08
Customer Relationship Management(CRM) for Mass Customization

chapter 09
E-Commerce Infra Structure

chapter 10
Mass Customization in Service Industries

chapter 11
Managing in the World of Mass Customization

저자 : Yu – Sang Chang

Bohun Professor of ManagementKorea University Business School... more

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