Revolution and Change :A Comparative Study of the April Student Revolution of 1960 and the May Military Coup d’état of 1961 in Korea

저자 : 양성철 Sung Chul Yang

판형 : 신국판(양장) 면수 : 170 쪽

발행년월일 : 2015-12-15

ISBN : 978-89-7641-892-0 93340


가격 : 23000

This book is my Ph.D dissertation on two epochal political upheavals, known in Korea as the April 19 Student Revolution of 1960 and the May 16 Military Coup d’etat of l961. The comparative analysis of their causes and processes and their respective impacts on Korean political and economic development was the central focus of this study. It was written in 1970. Korea’s political miracle such as liberty, democracy, and unity of our nation took fertile root from the April Student Revolution, as its economic miracle of rapid modernization and industrialization gained momentum from the May Military Coup. Ultimately, however, our people’s sweats, tears and sacrifices are behind these two “miracles”.

Part I Theories of Revolution
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Revolution: A Conceptual Frame of Reference

Part II The April Student Revolution and the May Military Coup
Chapter 3 Background: The April Revolution and the May Coup in Historical Perspective
Chapter 4 Conditions
Chapter 5 Processes
Chapter 6 Payoffs
Chapter 7 Conclusion

저자 : 양성철 Sung Chul Yang

Sung Chul Yang, born in 1939 in Koksung, South Cholla Province, Korea, received his B.A. from Seoul National University, M. A. from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and Ph.D. from the University of Kentucky. He served in the Korean Army as a student draftee. Currently Senior Adviser of the Kim Dae-jung Peace Foundation, he was a distinguished professor at Korea University, the Republic of Kor... more

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